Anthony “ DJ Trixta” Lescott

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Anthony Lescott, better known as DJ Trixta, learned at a young age that music was his passion. He was a mere eight years old when he started learning how to Dee Jay. He would at times hear local Dee Jays playing on the radio and imagined that could be him one day. Only being in the 3rd grade, he had enough drive to start saving his lunch money to buy his very own records. By the time he turned eleven, his mother bought him his first turntable, implementing the first step to his life as a Dee Jay.

By the year 2000, Anthony started taking DJ’ing seriously. Ready and willing to take his skills to another level, he settled on his alias “DJ Trixta”. Randomly sitting with his close set of friends DJ Springer, Troopa Tralopa & Frankie Sly they decided that they needed to buckle down and own their talent. Together they formed a group by the name of Young Heart. That year Young Heart worked tirelessly promoting themselves, recording demos and mix tapes deeming their talent worthy. They were booked solid, back-to-back each weekend, demanding them to venture out individually to cover as much basement parties, backyard BBQ’s and school events as possible. Eventually their hard work paid off, their talent caught the eye of a very popular established promoter Flex Entertainment. Flex Entertainment booked Young Heart for their first official party, “An All Libra Affair,” in October at Club Fahrenheit in New York City. A second party called “Be Proud of Your Heritage,” held at B.E.C. in Brooklyn soon followed. Promoters at the party were astonished at the abilities and talent DJ Trixta displayed. They immediately booked him as their main DJ for all their events including major college events, major high school parties, and club nights throughout New York. With this kind of mass exposure at such a young age, DJ Trixta’s reputation grew rapidly.

DJ Trixta has come quite far in the game. This year makes it fourteen years since DJ Trixta has started his journey. While he has come thus far he still sees himself accomplishing more goals that he has set out for himself. He simply stated that all he can do is strive towards it and help make his currently established team become a success. He plans on making DJ Trixta a name that will be remembered for something of greatness. When asked whether he considers DJ’ing a hobby or his life, Trixta modestly answered: “I consider it a little bit of both because a hobby is something you do because you enjoy doing it. I can stand for hours and just play music (Dee Jay) just because I love doing it. DJ’ing is also my life because at the end of the day it pays some of the bills. It provides a more comfortable way of living for my son and I.”

In this very competitive field, the number one thing that allows DJ Trixta to stand out the most from other Deejays is the ability to be versatile. He has the ability to mix all genres of music, breaking barriers. He is not stuck to playing just one genre of music; he has been classified as one of the most versatile Dee Jays in this business today. 

He has expressed that the most meaningful part about being a Deejay is being able to please the crowd. Creating an exciting atmosphere in which people can be entertained is the most exciting part of his job. Having the ability to move hundreds and thousands of people at the same time is a mind blowing innervation. Another important aspect in this type of career is the invigorating feeling of giving back to the community. Most recently DJ Trixta held, as well as participated in a Fund Raiser for the AIDS Walk 2012 where he and his newly established collaboration of Deejays/Promoters known as “Stay in Ya Lane” raised thousands of dollars towards the cause.

One of his great accomplishments has been being able to travel through out the country to perform nationally in such places like New York, Miami, Atlanta, as well as internationally in London, Belize, Trinidad & Tobago and numerous Caribbean Islands. Still on his journey DJ Trixta is on his way to greatness; the sky isn’t the limit as far as he is concerned. His accomplishments are set to go beyond that.


DJ Trixta Clubs/Events Memoir: 

*NYC Clubs:

Elite Ark Empire, Skate Rink, D'Caribe , Pulse 48 formally known as “C-Pac” The Lab, Q-Club, The Rock Trinity Hall, Masonic Temple, Cafe Alta, Elks Plaza, Cafe Omar, Club Attractions, Branch Hall ,The Gallery Club, Speed, Upper Level, Club Fahrenheit, B.E.C, Club Calalloo, Club Secrets, The River Night Club, Club Tobago, Club Levels, Club Moka, Amazura, BB Kings, Club Rebel NYC, Club Element, Katra, HK Lounge, Nova Night Club, Rain Night Club. 

*Miami Clubs:

Socavivor , Mansion, Sobe, Live Club, Bed Cameo, Karu & Y, Voyage, Nocturnal,  Madhouse Bayside Hut, Catalina Hotel, Club Play, Opium, Hard Rock Hotel, Club Space, Club Bongos (American Airlines Arena).